How to Order Vinyl Fencing

Here at All Seasons Vinyl, We understand that every fencing project is going to be different based on the unique topography of your yard. We want to make sure you buy just the right parts and materials for your project. Buying fencing based on the linear footage of your property alone is inefficient. Below you'll find a step by step approach to finding the right fencing materials for your project, which will also help you determine the cost. We here at All Seasons Vinyl are standing by to help you with any questions you may have.

Planning Your Project

Step 1: Print the schematic above- you'll find it usefull as you proceed. You may want to print this page out as well as a guide.

Step 2: Select your desired fencing style from the list and review the distance between posts.

Step 3: Draw a layout of the area to determine the number of fence panels as well as the number and type of fence post that you will need. Measure off the entire area where you want the fence installed.

Remember, you can cut a fence post to size should your sections be less then 8' on center.

There are four basic post styles:

• Line post for use when there will be a fence panel passing straight through each side
• Corner post for use when there is a 90 degree angle turning a corner
• End post for use at the end of runs or for in-between gates
• 3-way Post for use when fencing comes into three sides of a post

Email your sketch to or fax it to (818) 520-4242